Pre Adoption Information Form

About Adopting a Large Breed Rescue Dog

Please tell us about yourself and your household and home. We want to be sure the dog you adopt is a good fit your situation.

When you adopt one of these dogs you will agree to license your newly adopted animal and send the necessary new owner registration information in for microchip and animal ID in case your animal should get lost or stolen.

We need to know how things are going with you and your new pet.
You will agree to send updated photos of the animal in your care for the trial period and regular updates on occasion as reassurance adopted animal is content in a loving home.

You will agree to keep the dog up to date with annual vaccinations for immunization against canine diseases such as parvo, distemper, rabies, bordatella, etc.
And you will agree not to take this dog to offleash dog parks where germs, worms, and other diseases are present, and where she/he could get attacked by unaltered, unruly dogs.  In addition please be aware this animal may not be socialized around aggressive dogs, especially small, fluffy, lunging, barking dogs.
You will take full responsibility and are liable for any harm done to animal by any other animals, insects (fleas, bees, spiders), or humans and will get appropriate vet care if this animal is harmed in any manner, including accidents which may occur resulting in broken limbs or bodily injuries.

In addition you will agree that if the dog you are interested in is adopted into your family, and if for any reason things should not work out, you will contact HUG Hearts, as opposed to taking this animal to any shelter, any other Rescuer, or advertising on CL or social media for new homes. We feel the necessity of protecting these rescued dogs even after they are adopted. There are very bad people who do horrible things to these breeds.

Thank you for loving this dog as much as we do to protect him not only now, but from this point on.




    Will these regular visitors approve of a new dog and if not, how will you handle the situation? Get rid of your family dog, separate objectors from your family dog and try and work it out, or other?

    Is anyone in your household allergic to dogs?


    Type of dwelling

    Own or rent?

    Do you have a yard?


    What kind of pets do you currently have? Tell us about each of them including their breed and ages.

    Tell us about your current pets environment. Where are they when you are not at home? Where do they sleep?

    Have you had pets previously? Tell us about them, where are they now?